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Latest work and advice needed! (Image heavy!)

I am mega bored at work and thought I would post some pics of my latest work and hopefully get some help as to what I can get a filler for my sleeve and leg pieces???

Latest work

Locket behind ear. To match my wife's key on her forearm.

Weight Of The World

The date of our wedding

Laurel with the year i was born.

Pirate girl and ship

I need filler for my leg but don't know what.

Shrunken Head and Sacred heart (with roses that come round the front)

Butterfly hour glass with some filler

Dagger through swallow

Teeth at the bottom of my ankle

Angel at top of left arm

Heart locket and rose.


Broken diamond on front of wrist.

for some reason I don't have a pic of the key on the under side of my left arm that is between the butterfly and my elbow, but you get the picture.

If anyone can volunteer any help or just wanna comment on the work, that's all good.

Thank you in advance.

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