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newest inkage

ahhh finally got a new tattoo. I've been wanting this for a while. It's a cherry blossom branch with flowers... Sunset Ink, Sunset Beach, CA (OC area). I got it done by Ralf, the apprentice there, for FREE (however I have him $70 because it was awesome and that's all the cash i had on me). I was planning on just getting something smaller, or adding to another tattoo i already had.. but he drew up the branch and everything, exactly how i wanted it and was like "what the hell" and went for it. it took about 6 hours (and about 5 breaks) to finish it. i know it probably shouldnt have taken that long, but apparently he'd only been tattooing for 6 mos? pretty good on that end. and it turned out GREAT i think. obviously the pictures i'm posting are totally fresh, and the pink on the flowers is going to fade a great deal, and the swelling will go down a whole lot.

side note, has anyone ever gotten a tattoo up there on your shoulder and while it's happening, feel it simultaneously down the whole side of your body? haha my leg was so fucking twitchy while it was getting done! haha

but yay! here's my tattoo:

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