ant_lucky13 (ant_lucky13) wrote in tattoo_you,

i need your help!

My dissertation research

Hi, I'm currently a student at Nottingham Trent University (UK), I'm in my
final year of Design Management and have just started my dissertation. I've
decided to focus this on tattoo discrimination in the workplace, reasons behind peoples tattoos, regrets behind peoples tattoos, why people get them, why they don't etc.

If you have a tattoo and you don't mind sending me a pic, send 1 with a description of why you got yours and that would be a massive help! likewise if you regret it!

i'm going to put mine in first, lol.

I thought I would post here to ask if anyone knows of any good resources or know of people with first hand experience, inside knowledge of company policies against tattoos or any other sources of valid facts, information or contacts.


Antony Moran
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